6 Pumpkin Display Ideas For Your Porch This Fall


The fall is all about great weather, fun holidays, delicious smells, and parties! There are endless options for decorating your home to fit this season too, which is why we love it so much! 

And with Halloween around the corner, we thought it’d be an amazing time to give you some creative ways to decorate your porch using the humble pumpkin!

Check out these fun and simple ideas and pick one to try this fall!

1) Vintage Country Fall Harvest Porch

Do you have an old wooden wagon lying around? Great! Fill it with pumpkins, some autumn foliage, and sticks from the ground. That’s it! You can get creative with different sizes and colors of pumpkin too, so have some fun with it!

2) Get Out Some Paint

Add some more fall colors to your décor with paints! Cover some pumpkins with white and lavender paints, grab some real basil and lavender plants, a bale of hay, and some hydrangeas, and make a lovely little display that brings the autumn palate to your porch.

3) Keep It Simple

There’s no need to go overboard; keep things simple with simple pumpkins, paint, and a planter of fall flowers. Get a stencil and put your family name on one of the large pumpkins to make your display personal. Add gourds or other interesting fall-themed pieces to make it stand out, after all, the little touches make the difference!

4) Get Spooky

Find some Halloween-stamped pillows and use them to make a scarecrow out of some old hay and overalls, and a hat! Sit him in a chair (or on a bench) with a hay bale, some pumpkins, and gourds, and voila! You have a spooky Halloween scarecrow on your porch.

5) Plastic Pumpkins

Collect a bunch of plastic pumpkins, some black and metallic gold paint, and stencils. Next, spray paint the pumpkins with gold paint, and use the black paint to stencil a message on the pumpkins! It could be your name, a simple “Happy Fall”, or whatever you feel like! You can even add some real pumpkins and sunflowers to the scene for a hint of nature.

6) Your Steps

Decorating your steps, in particular, is an easy and cute way to add some Autumn flair to your porch. Use the usual collection of pumpkins, hay bales, apple baskets full of Fall plants, and more. Make sure to use different sizes, colors, and heights with your items to make your steps stand out.

And there they are! Try one of these this Fall, or combine ideas to make your own unique Autumn porch decorations. 

Enjoy the season!