6 Wonderful Personalized Gift Ideas For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays on Earth, celebrated by people all across the US and Canada! (It’s even celebrated in countries like Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia).

For hundreds of years, it’s held a special place in the hearts of many across the globe, yet it doesn’t seem to get the same significance as holidays like Christmas. We think this should change!

Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways, such as spending time with friends and relatives or watching the NFL. 

But as it turns out, Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to give a personal, meaningful gift to your loved ones! Most people don’t expect anything for Thanksgiving either, adding an extra element of surprise that they’ll love.

So today, we wanted to give you a few personalized gift ideas you can try this Thanksgiving to give some more significance to this wonderful holiday, all while showing your gratitude for your friends and family:

1) Favorite Wine + A Beautiful Wine Decanter

Have a friend or family member who loves wine? Great! Grab them a bottle of their favorite vintage and a beautiful, stylish wine decanter to hold it! We recommend our Fiano Wine Decanter. It’ll display their wine with pure elegance and charm.

2) A Personal Jar Of Candies

This is a great idea for those who have more of a sweet tooth! Purchase a classy storage jar - like our Josephina Storage Jar - and fill it with the recipient’s candy of choice!

3) A Meaningful Gift Basket Or Tray

Everyone loves a good gift basket or tray, especially when it’s filled with their favorite things. So round up those things your loved ones adore and gift them in an aesthetically appealing and unique basket or tray. Our Amelia Eats Bowl is a great option that can store up to 79.4 oz of your loved ones’ favorite items.

4) A Host Of Self-Care Dispensers

Why not order some modern and attractive dispensers and fill them up with soaps and lotions? It’ll make the perfect gift for those people in your life who enjoy pampering themselves. Check out our range of colorful, sleek, and stylish dispensers here.

5) Give The Gift Of Coziness

Get a beautiful, clear jar and fill it full of different colored and scented candles! Try using a jar like our Seraphina Eats Canister, which is sure to wow your loved ones from the moment they receive their gift!

6) A Gift For The Tea Lovers

Surprise your friend or family member with a stunning pitcher that they can use to satisfy all their tea-drinking needs! Our Suelina Pitcher is perfect for this, with a gorgeous cork and glass aesthetic that’s both cold and heat resistant!

We hope this blog has inspired you to go above and beyond this Thanksgiving to make it one to remember!

Want more inspiration for gift ideas? Check out our store and take a look at our modern and elegant pieces!