8 Ways To Transform Your Candles This Fall


Autumn. Temperatures drop, nights get darker, and you just can’t help but want to cozy up in your home with a glass of something, a good movie, and your loved ones.

But how do you make your home cozier? 

Well, a sure-fire way is with candles! They make a ton of difference to your decor and can bring out different moods depending on how you use them.

That’s why we’ve put together 8 ways that you can transform your candles to achieve different moods, and match your home decor to the season: 

Use A Mason Jar - they work great as candle holders, you can paint and pattern them, and with the right additions, they will upscale your decor. Check out our Cassy Storage Jar for a sleek, elegant way to store your candles.

﹒Reflections - arrange many candles over a mirror and make your candles do double duty! Our Eliora Asymmetrical Mirror is the perfect eyecatching mirror to make the most of this candle effect.

﹒Use Your Fireplace - Instead of dirtying up your fireplace, get a bunch of different-sized candles and achieve the same, beautiful effect! With the Orelia Tray D’OR, you can reduce mess and cleanup while still keeping your candle-filled fireplace looking fashionable.

﹒Melt Them - if you melt your candles around a container like a wine bottle, you can turn it into an interesting candle holder.

Float Them - tea lights and smaller, round-shaped candles, can float, which looks amazing and helps to bring the Fall spirit to your home. The Amelia Eats Bowl would be a great fit, adding a lovely touch to your living space or kitchen area.

Paint It - adding some color to your candle holders makes a huge difference, as does stenciling shapes inside a container for cool shadows on the wall. Or alternatively, try our Loox Canister for a stylish ceramic candle holder.

﹒Tea Cups - put your candles in tea cups to use them as a cute, quirky candle holder. Don’t have any tea cups? Try our sophisticated and charming Suelina Eats Canister Set instead.

﹒Ribbons and Rope - decorate any one of your candle holders with different kinds of ribbon and rope, such as lace, hemp rope, and more.

There are loads of great ways to make your home cozier for Fall, and with these 8 ideas, you’ll be on your way to just that!

Give them a try soon and see how it transforms your decor!