Smart Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

All the rage these days seems to be downsizing and going with a smaller home. Gone are the days of the McMansions. But with that also means less storage for your belongings. Just because you have less square footage in your home doesn’t mean you have to lose storage though. You just need to get smart and creative with the space that you have. Here are the secrets to smart storage and making the most of the space that you have, no matter how limited it is.


Having stylish furniture that also doubles as storage spaces is a great solution. Ottomans that can be used as seating or a chair, but also gives you a place to store belongings is a great solution. Search for multi-function furniture that can double as storage places.

Hang it up.

Use the walls when you don’t have floor space. You can hang belongings on the wall. Including things like bicycles right in your living room. It can make a great stylish conversational piece too.

Remove closet doors.

Doors take up valuable store space, which could prevent you from putting furniture where you want or need to. If you remove the doors and add a curtain to the closet, instead you can add more of that storage furniture to your space.

Find different ways to use unused space.

Do you have a fireplace that you aren’t using? Well store books in it. Make sure no one will ever use that fireplace though or that could be an upsetting disaster.

Murphy beds. 

These beds fold into the wall giving you additional living space. A small studio can have a nice living room during the day, but turn into your bedroom at night. Because "small house" living is more popular, many furniture companies are creating pieces of furniture with dual functions like a bed at night, but a desk or table during the day. So check out the things available to you and make use of the space you have with this multi-function living space idea.

Floor to ceiling storage units.

Using these can give you many storage solutions, but also add needed separation to your space. So if you are in a studio apartment you can separate the room that you want as your living space and your bedroom with a large floor to ceiling open shelving unit and give you loads of storage options while also dividing the room.


Lifting up the furniture and giving yourself more storage area under the furniture will provide a great storage solution so you’re using more of the area of your home as storage as well as living space. Platform beds for example are a great way to get storage and to have a relaxing place to sleep.

Take stock of your belongings and the available space. Once you know what you need to store and have an idea of the storage space available, you can find some creative and functional storage solutions. Then downsizing won’t feel so much like downsizing when you still get to keep most of your prized possessions.