Thanksgiving Décor Ideas For A Special Holiday!


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make your family and friends feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated. The best way to do that is with some beautiful décor around your home and at the dinner table!

We’ve got a few ideas for you below that you can try this year. They’ll be sure to impress your guests and make this Thanksgiving one to remember!

Gift Wrap Your Front Door

Adding some cute gift wrap to your front door is a quick and easy way to make your home feel even more inviting and special on Thanksgiving. Simply grab some ribbon, holiday-themed gift wrap, and a welcome banner, and arrange it just before your guests arrive. It’ll make your home feel magical before they even set foot inside!

Add Some Personalized Place Cards

When you set the table for dinner, try including some place cards for each family member and any other guests, with a handwritten note for them. In the message, show you are thankful for them being in your life and make them feel special! We’ve created some beautiful, free card templates for you to print out and use; download them by clicking right here.

Include Gratitude Prompts 

Being grateful is a major part of this holiday, so why not all partake in a little gratitude practice before dinner? You can place some simple gratitude prompts on the table for you all to use before you eat your meal to create that Thanksgiving feeling. Not sure what to include in your gratitude prompts? Download our free sheet of prompts right here.

Make A Thanksgiving Display Tray

An elegant and Fall-themed display tray on the dinner table can help to really bring people into the Thanksgiving spirit and enjoy the day! Simply get a tray or two, and fill them with everything from gourds, oranges, and nuts, then fill any gaps with leaves, straw, moss, or wheat!

We’ve got a range of delightful and unique trays that are perfect for your display. Take a look at our top picks below and see for yourself:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas and that you’ll try a few (or all) of them this year!

Have a very happy and loving Thanksgiving!