The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Part 3: The Daily Actions To Declutter Your Home!


In the last part of this decluttering guide, we gave you some questions to help you determine whether or not you have a clutter problem in your home.

Since you’re reading this next part, we will assume that yes, you do have some clutter in your home, and you’re ready to start tidying it up!

So, first things first, you’re going to need some tools and items to help you organize and declutter:

Boxes & basketsCheck out our Unique Fabric Storage Baskets easily fit into shelves, under beds, or anywhere else you wish, giving you the extra storage space you need to declutter (available in a range of colors). Looking for something smaller with extra charm? Try our Aryana Pom Pom Basket instead.

Cleaning supplies

HangersOur Neil fluffy children hangers are perfect for decluttering your kids’ clothes. The Hanging Purse Organizer is also an absolute must if you have a purse collection to tidy.

Food storage containers We recommend either our Alexia Kitchen Canisters or the Viola Square Storage Jar for a stylish way to store your food.

Clear glass jarsStore anything from your coffee beans and pasta to oats and grains with the Josephina Storage Jar or our Suelina Eats Canister Set.

Closet and drawer organizersOrganize and decorate your beautiful home with our Estelle Storage Baskets and bring order to your clutter with the Unique Fabric Storage Baskets.

Shelf units

Once you’ve got those at the ready, it’s time to tackle the clutter once and for all! But don’t try to do it all at once; that’ll just lead to stress and overwhelm, and discourage you from continuing your cleaning!

Instead, commit to the following daily actions to take care of your clutter with ease:

1. Declutter at least one thing per day

2. Set a 15-minute timer for your decluttering

3. Start with the easiest items first to build momentum

4. When decluttering items, either trash, recycle, organize or donate them (keep it simple)

5. Categorize items into boxes to make your life easier

As you’re doing these actions each day, remember that every little helps! And be prepared to let go of things and the guilt attached to them. It’s okay to get rid of things that you don’t use!

We hope you found this useful! In the next part, we will be giving you the questions to ask yourself to decide whether or not to keep an item.

In the meantime, happy decluttering!