The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Part 5: Clearing The 3 Biggest Room

It’s time to make some real decluttering progress in your home today!

As we’ve discussed in the previous parts of this guide, when you tidy the rooms in your home, you don’t just make physical space, you make mental space too.

So, it’s important to start your decluttering process in the areas you spend the most time in, which, for the majority of people, are the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

Let’s go over some room-specific tips for clearing each of these areas, so you can get tidying today!

The Kitchen:

  • Begin with the lower cabinets to free up space for your countertop appliances and other items. Use a ‘left to right’ pattern to stay focused and efficient in your decluttering.
  • After the lower cabinets, move to the upper ones, then your kitchen drawers (start with the ones you use the most).
  • Next, time to clear your countertops, using your newly decluttered cabinets to help you.
  • Finally, work on your pantry from the top down.

The Bedroom:

  • Make your bed every morning; it’s a keystone habit that sets you up for other positive habits throughout the day!
  • Walk through your room and tidy the basic clutter that gets in your way.
  • Dust and clean your bedroom thoroughly.
  • Use plastic bins (with lids) for under-bed storage, and a clothes hamper for your daily laundry.
  • Clear your magazines and books, either throwing them away or moving them to your living room or library.
  • Use a bedside table with drawers to keep your nightstands clean and clutter-free.

The Living Room:

  • Purchase a small basket that you can use to store your remote controls, magazines, etc, and use bigger baskets for pillows and blankets.
  • Use zip ties to declutter cables and cords on your entertainment system.
  • Go through your toys, games, books, magazines, and other bits that you may not even need, and decide whether to keep them or throw them away (using the tips from part 4).
  • Perform an honest furniture appraisal, and get rid of any that is limiting the functionality of your family room.

As you can see, each room requires a slightly different approach, so leave this page open on your phone and keep it with you while you get to work.

This is where you will start to see real change in the tidiness of your home and finally experience less stress and more clarity!

Happy clearing and cleaning!