Behind the Brand


INTERIOR IMPULSE was founded in June 2020 by us, a young couple, two months after the unfortunate changes of our plans to get married due to the Covid19 pandemic that hit worldwide, as we were both living on two different continents. 

We were imagining our own home, the life together, and how to keep it organized and decorative at once. Those wishes and dreams were shattered and postponed for an undefined time due to the Covid19 pandemic so we decided to stop being saddened about this circumstance and turn it into something positive and share our passion for home organization and home decoration with others. We were thankful for the blessings and little things in life and believed that every moment should be lived to the maximum. This is why we choose our brand to be called INTERIOR IMPULSE as well. The IMPULSE of doing whatever you feel is good, whatever you love and are passionate about.  

Sharing our hope to build up our home with others gave them the feeling of having a big family, the INTERIOR IMPULSE FAMILY.  

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